Saturday, June 6, 2015

Evening Shade Farms Sponsors Hal Russell, 66 Year old Cyclist doing his 3rd 2745 mile Tour Divide Race


Not Route 66...but 66 years old.

Not just any Mountain...but a Mountain Range 2,745 miles long...from BanffCanada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico, on the Mexico - U.S. border, starting June 12, 2015.

And it's a Race...and it's called, “The Tour Divide Race.”

It's what legends are made of...and his name is Hal Russell, a native of Osceola, Missouri.

With his faithful companion, a TREK, 9.6 Carbon Super-fly Mountain Bike...he will take on what mere mortals call impossible and he's about to do it for a 3rd time, in spite of an early snow fall in Colorado. He rides with the least of creature comforts (keeping his load to a bare minimum) and hopes the memory of some ancient hurts don't bother showing-up.

Aside from Hal's onboard generator, which keeps his bicycle lights going and his GPS honest, Hal doesn't leave home without Evening Shade Farms BUGZEE Natural and Organic Insect Repellent. It sounds strange, but you must be prepared (without poisoning yourself with DEET 40) to do battle with swarms of annoying little critters you are guaranteed to meet on the trail and... BUGZEE...has proven itself and earned a spot to take a ride on The Tour Divide Race. Hal also takes the Evening Shade Farms THE BOMB Lip Balm to protect his lips from the trip's harsh conditions.

Just make it more interesting, The Tour Divide Race is unsupported and unsanctioned...You just do it because it's there. The Tour Divide Race is the longest unsupported off-pavement ride in the World. To read more about it and follow his progress, go to